Empowering Technology Teams to Drive Business Success

Through public speaking, coaching, advisory & training, I support startups and scale-ups through the focused lens of driving business outcomes with technology investment.

Leveraging decades of experience as a co-founding CTO in two successful startups, I work with boards, non-technical founders, technical leadership & their teams.


Susan Brander

CTO & Co-founder, Kaleida

When I reflect on the last year, personally and professionally I'm in a much stronger and better place, and Chris strongly contributed to that.

Each coaching session we had I walked away with small intentions and changes that had orders of magnitude bigger positive impacts.

Chris is incredible. His skill set is the perfect balance between technical genius and business operations.

Chris helped Anility in the early days to convert the business logic in our head to a technical solution. Would absolutely work with again. A real superstar.

Fadila Fidina

Software Engineer, Atlassian

Chris's Test-Driven Development training has transformed the way I code day to day. It has made me very confident that added behaviours are all intentional and do not break existing features.

Other team members also find features easy to pick up since the tests define the behaviour of the code.

Dean Fraser

Founder & CEO, Brickfloor

Chris was recommended to me by a Brickfloor seed investor. He has been amazing to work with and has assisted us with a number of high value pieces of work.

Super talented, considered and professional, I would highly recommend Chris.

Tarek Lawandi

Manager Engineer, HICAPS

One of the brightest minds I have worked with across my 20 year career. Chris has a wealth of knowledge across many things in the industry. He taught me how to do DDD right.

Chris has the uncanny ability to get to the heart of the problem whether it be tech or business.

I find his mentorship invaluable in my growth journey. Thank you, Chris!!!

Adrian Bertuna

Product Manager, Urbanise

One on one mentoring with Chris made me think about my work patterns in a refreshed way.

Our sessions were highly valuable and thought provoking, with experienced views around product management, release planning and overall advice dealing with key stakeholders.

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