Let's do better, together.

Our industry has been plagued for decades by inequality - unequal access to opportunity and unequal and harmful treatment of underrepresented groups, with conscious and unconscious bias rampant in many sectors.

Allyship is the active, intentional & authentic support of people who are being marginalised & harmed by systemic discrimination.

I consider myself an ally, and have made a number of public commitments to contribute towards wide-spread efforts to effect systemic change.

Allyship Commitments

🤝 I offer pro bono peer support to any men wanting to become a better ally, to stop walking past the standard they don't want to accept

⚖️ I'm updating my consulting agreement (coming soon!) to include a code of conduct that clients will need to commit their employees to in our work together

🤐 I invite anyone in my network to confidentially let me know if you see me engaging with any organisation that doesn't maintain a safe & inclusive environment. I will offer to help them improve and will walk if they're unable to

🚀 I offer my normal tech leadership coaching pro bono to folk from under-represented groups

💲 I offer a 15% discount on all my services to any organisation with a WGEA gender pay gap under 10%. The pay gap is not the only measure of a company's commitment to inclusivity and diversity, so if your organisation is > 10%, or not in the WGEA dataset, if you can evidence policies and practices that demonstrate progress, I will consider offering the discount on a case-by-base basis.