Peer Support in Allyship

Let's do better, together.

Do you work in an environment where you feel safe and included but occasionally sense not everyone else feels the same way? Unfortunately your sense is probably right… 🤔


👀 You notice friends & colleagues who have great ideas often getting ignored in meetings

💰 You notice friends & colleagues who deliver great work repeatedly getting passed over for promotion

😢 You notice friends & colleagues who used to be bright and happy getting more closed off and withdrawn

👂 You hear negative comments about some of your friends and colleagues behind their backs

😬 You hear overly positive comments about some of your friends and colleagues, focussed on qualities that have nothing to do with their work (e.g. appearance)

You notice and hear all these things and it makes you uncomfortable but you don’t really know what you can do about it.

What you can do

Sadly, our industry is plagued by bias and systemic discrimination. If you, like me, are a member of the dominant group, we owe it to our friends & colleagues to work towards a more equitable and just environment.

To help with this, I offer peer support to anyone who wants to be a better ally to people affected by such discrimination.

We’ll talk about all the following and much more:

🧐 Discovering your own biases

🤨 Examining your motivations for action

🫣 Letting go of preconceptions of others experiences

🗣️ Platforming others voices

🫡 Demonstrating you can be trusted to have your help sought

😇 Identifying bad actors and acting in the service of those they are harming

😎 Proactively creating safer spaces

Although I’m a professional technology & leadership coach, I’m offering this peer support for free - it will cost you nothing but your time and assumptions.

And I'm calling it "peer support" not "coaching" because I'm still on my own journey - I hope to learn from your thoughts an experiences as well - together, we'll do better.