Architecture & Design Workshop

Collaboratively tackle technical challenges

This workshop is for when you'd like assistance preparing a candidate large-scale strategic system design. Depending on need, it often also results in illustrative examples of a tactical designs for a sample specific parts of the system.

It works well whether you are launching a new build, or planning a modernisation / transformation refresh.

The workshops leverage a number of the highly effective practices that have been developed in recent years to assist with discovering complex domains and designing software systems to support people working in those domains.

The most widespread at this time include example mapping, event storming, domain storytelling & wardley mapping.

Rather than being tied to any one practice, I embrace a holistic approach that adaptively adopts the appropriate technique depending on discoveries as we go.


I recommend including a range of roles from across your business in these workshops.

For example, in a startup, it would be worthwhile to include all of:

  • Founders
  • Early technical hires
  • Prospective customers, or early customer-aligned investors

In a more established business, the attendees might come from a range of departments, such as:

  • Customer Service/Success
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Finance
  • Engineering
  • Product
  • Legal
  • Finance
  • People & Culture
  • Any other experts in the unique domain your business operates in

It may seem unusual to bring everyone together - isn't the point of separate departments so that folk can 'get on with it' in parallel?

While this may be true for many businesses, most of the time, it is critical to occasionally bring all these folk together and take a look at the overall landscape - the end to end 'big picture' of how your business operates.

Not only will all teams get a better sense of how their function fits into the broader purpose, it is often a chance to identify opportunities to improve, such as removing inefficiencies or improving customer experience.


The duration and schedule for this workshop depends on your situation, domain & organisational complexity. We can spend anywhere from one 3hr workshop up to multiple days collaboratively exploring your domain and candidate software architectures.

Get in touch to discuss your circumstances and tailor an approach to suit your needs.