Living Ubiquitous Language Documentation with Contextive

Live modelling a domain with Contextive.


"A change in the language is a change in the model"

As you maintain model integrity you may end up with "duplicate concepts" or "false cognates".

Is everyone coding or are they coding? (Are you a doctor or a software developer)? Does a spoiler make you happy or sad (Are you a car enthusiast or a film lover?)

And how do new team members who weren't part of initial modelling exercises get up to speed on your ubiquitous language?

In this talk we'll explore a new open source tool called Contextive. It's designed for documenting the ubiquitous language and embeds the definitions in all the places the language is used - in code, documentation, online conversations and modelling tools.

It is context aware, so you always get the right definition in the right place.

And since you see the definitions where you're working in the domain, you can update them as soon as you identify need for change or improvements.

We'll explore how to use the tool including best practices, and benefits to be gained for new and old team members in capturing and evolving your language definition as part of your code repository.

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