Managing Domain Knowledge (Workshop)

A workshop exploring living documentation techniques for capturing and evolving domain knowledge.


From example mapping, to behaviour-driven development, to domain-driven design practices like event storming and domain storytelling, we now have a wide range of tools for collaboratively building knowledge about domains and creating models of those domains for building software systems.

One gap that many organisations experience is the management of that domain knowledge over time.  Domains evolve.  Team members learn new aspects of the domain, or invent more useful models. Team members leave - taking domain knowledge with them, and new members join but never get the chance to participate in foundational collaborative modelling.

Living documentation is a set of practices to help ensure institutional knowledge is reliable, collaborative and low-effort.

In this workshop you'll get hands-on practice with modern living documentation tools such as Contextive that help apply these principles to the task of managing that critical domain knowledge.

In this highly collaborative and hands-on workshop we will:

  1. Split into separate teams who will each explore a different domain, building and capturing domain knowledge using our standard development environments
  2. Shuffle team members between teams to experience helping new-comers learn the domain knowledge you have already distilled
  3. Respond to an external change prompting the maintenance of evolving domain knowledge over time

You'll leave well prepared to empower your teams to skilfully manage complex and evolving domain knowledge in your businesses.

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