The Grapevine - what is it and how to get involved

Introduction to the Grapevine


The collective group The Grapevine was formed in response to visible harassment and blatant discrimination against non-males and minorities in Australian startups. The group started sharing stories in late 2023 and advising victims, managers, and companies.

MCC is incredibly fortunate to have one of The Grapevine’s founders, Jessy Wu, with us for this meetup.

Jessy will enlighten us about The Grapevine, the pervasive issue of harassment culture in Australian startups, and some of the compelling stories they have received.

The great Chris Simon from the DDD Australia meetup will facilitate two activities so the attendees can reflect on their experiences and devise practical solutions for their workplaces.

Shout out to our two sponsors for the night: ScreenRights, which is providing a sparkling new venue, and Flexischools, which is sponsoring the catering and drinks.

We hope to see you all there!

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