What are my stock options actually worth?

Using Domain-Driven Design analysis to explore a complex and relevant domain.



For many years, tech companies have used equity compensation as a way to attract and retain technical talent - however it's not always clear to candidates what they're getting themselves in for!

This talk will explore the fundamentals of corporate finance in terms developers will understand - by simulating the design of a software tool intended to help job candidates make sense of equity compensation package offers.

We'll use techniques from the field of Domain-Driven Design to explore the problem, touching on topics such as the fundamentals of business health (profit & loss, balance sheets, etc.), business valuations & funding models, and common equity compensation packages.

At the end of this talk, you'll be well equipped to understand what the long term prospects of your future employers are and how to assess the potential risks and rewards of various compensation plans - and you might learn a bit about Domain-Driven Design along the way!

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