When Customers Don't Share a Language

A domain-driven journey in modelling and architecture.



In 2015 we launched an innovative new product into the Australian Fintech landscape - a healthcare & disability insurance claiming platform to simplify life for support providers, recipients and insurers.

It was intended that a heterogeneous group of support providers and insurers would engage with the platform - from doctors to physiotherapists to disability support workers on one side, and private insurers & state or federal government departments on the other.

Although the high level process for each of these groups was similar, the extant rules, terminology and UX scenarios varied.

In this talk, we'll do a deep dive of the modelling journey we went on, starting with aligning the model with our first customer, evolving it with our second, and radically reinventing it with our third.

We'll explore how the context map evolved from being aligned with user channels to being aligned with insurer subdomains and how we balanced the tradeoffs between specificity and genericness in the tactical pattern implementation within core domain contexts.

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