Hacking on Contextive

Live coding to add a new feature to Contextive


"A change in the language is a change in the model"

As you maintain domain model integrity you may end up with "duplicate concepts" or "false cognates".

Is everyone coding or are they coding? (Are you a doctor or a software developer)? Does a spoiler make you happy or sad (Are you a car enthusiast or a film lover?)

And how do new team members who weren't part of initial modelling exercises get up to speed on your domain language?

Contextive is a new tool for documenting a ubiquitous domain language which embeds the definitions in all the places the language is used - in code, documentation, online conversations and modelling tools.

In this talk we'll review the tool, its inspiration and usage, then get stuck into collaboratively hacking on it to fix a bug or add a feature (decided on the night!).

As we hack, depending on what we work on, we might be looking at:

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