Kick-off Combo Workshop

Combine design & planning workshops to setup your teams for success

Whether you're launching a new product, project or feature, a design and planning workshop is the perfect way to ensure you get get started with a solid foundation.

This workshop is usually a series of sessions that combines my Software Design & Architecture Workshop and my Planning Workshop.

See those pages for more details on process, outcomes and attendees.

The end result is a candidate large scale system design (a vision of the future) and an implementation plan for the first step in getting there.

I find this approach to be a useful balance between two equally risky approaches that are often taken:

  1. Diving into implementation without considering the goal
    • This wastes time by sending you in completely the wrong direction
  2. Attempting to solve every problem in advance - aka 'big design up front'
    • This wastes time by planning for work that may never need doing, at a time when you know the least due to not yet having gathered any real feedback

Get in touch to chat about how this workshop can set your team on the path to technical and commercial success.